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Cellglò Crème 21

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Cellglò Crème 21 Creme 21 Cellglo Products

Cellglo - Beauty & Wellness RevolutionCellglo - phyto placentaCellglo Creme 21 - Method to apply on hand & bodyCellglò Crème 21 - Evelyn Aw Yong ( Malaysia Area Dealer)

Youthful & Firm looking skin

Body Collagen

Using Wild Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam) and Wild Glycine Soja (Soy Bean) Phyto-Placenta as our two (2) major ingredients and six (6) others important ingredients, we promise to deliver reverse aging and cell-activation hormone balancing series to all our customers. By nourishment wellness through the skin using 90 seconds TRANSDERMAL ABSORPTION and it works in complete harmony with Mother Nature.

The ability of Cellglò Crème 21 to be absorbed Transdermally, allows the natural, high quality ingredients from Cellglò Crème 21 to to be transported from our skin into the capillaries. These nutrients will then be carried into our blood circulatory system, to stimulate hormonal production in glands found all over our body system. Hence, Cellglò Crème 21 is an effective Hormone Balancer.

Induction of hormone production in our body systems by transdermally absorbed Cellglò Crème 21 carries NO side effects. It solves the problems of many unwanted side effects caused by hormone replacement therapy (HRT), that are taken orally or via injections. 

If you apply Cellglò Crème 21 on soft meridian points (qi points) or acu points, and massage gently, the product absorbed into the blood stream will smoothen the blood and qi flow in our body. When blood and qi flow is improved, the overall functions of the body will be improved. 

Body Care Facial Care
  1. Protect our body from illness and infections.
  2. Prevent body allergies, toxics and free radicals.
  3. Regulate our body’s hormone.
  4. Promote immune system.
  1. Protects our skin from diseases and infections.
  2. Prevents skin allergies and sunburn effects.
  3. Regulates our skin temperature from dehydration.

Balances hormones and regulates the 8 major body systems


Eight Main Ingredients

100% from natural wild plants and fruits




Wild Glycine Soja (Wild soy bean) is a non genetically modified (GMO) plant. Our Phyto-Placenta is derived from this hydrolyzed Wild Soy bean protein gel. It is designed to offer a composition that mimics the natural biological effects of mammal placenta. The functions of Phyto-Placenta in help our skin to develop and form Collagen Type 3. This Collagen Type 3 in many ways helps to maintain the firmness and smoothness of our skin. It works best to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.


Wild Dioscorea Villosa (wild yam) is a tuberous plant. It was used by Mayan culture as a pain relieve agent and by Chinese as a top grade medicine. It was regarded by Chinese as a main source of more than 50 types of hormone precursor in medical science. Today, wild yam is a popular alternative substance in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRP). It helps to enhance the breasts, preserving youthfulness and stimulate men’s libido. It relaxes the muscles, soothes the nerves, improves circulation of blood and has anti-inflammatory effect. It is used to reduce menstrual cramps for women, anti-spasm and relieving pain. It is also a treatment for PMS, neuralgia and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, Wild Dioscorea Villosa / Wild Yam is a diuretic. It is found useful for liver cleansing.
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Why does Cellglò Crème 21 is so different?

Skin is regarded an organ in our body. It requires delicate balance to function optimally. When the balance is disrupted, skin problems would arise.

Cellglò Crème 21 aims to improve the beauty of your skin and overall body conditions by using one product made of natural ingredients. If you are determine to apply it at least twice a day consistently, in time, you will achieve the results you desire.

Cellglò Crème 21 is your long-term Skin and Body care solution. It is skin care of the 21st century. Once you try it, you might want to use it for life !!!

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